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Alpentor - Porta delle Alpi

Telve - Stefanie and Mario Passeri

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The doors are a mirror of the soul. They can be opened or can be closed, they can overlook the world or they can isolate.

Stefanie and Mario have decided to open the soul and the heart by renovating a historic dwelling in the centre of Telve, at the foot of the Lagorai, Alpentor – Porta delle Alpi, to make available to those who are still looking for a corner of peace and privacy, in a refined living atmosphere, all their hospitality and the pleasure to stay together.
The choice was to concentrate in 3 rooms, the taste and the passion for the materials, for the search of their origins, for the natural harmony that they know how to donate when they tell a story.
The story is that of Valsugana, where in every bedroom you can find a small piece, as well as in the reception and in the breakfast room.
From the restored barn, with still the staircase that recalls the ingenuity of those who every day had as a companion the fatigue of the arms, which is from reception, you pass to the breakfast room where the stove, saved from the neglect of time still gives that warmth for which was been built over a century ago, to which the breakfast tables in ancient larch are framed and that seem to look at her as absorbed as children who listen to an old story from Grandma.
The retaining walls of the house, still strong and invigorated by the renovation, are covered in natural lime, so that with their breath they can still donate and make the soul feel of those who inhabited it and built it.
They give a sense of protection to the three rooms, each with their own bathroom and each dedicated to a theme.
To the „Kromeri“, tireless merchants who walked the streets that from Venice carried and lead to the Tyrol to sell from farm to farm, city by city the objects needed for those who could not every day descend to the valley to buy them.
To the „Aizinpomeri“, those who had built the railroad leading to Venice and that were not the "shin of Saint" so that the song dedicated to them reads "Now that you have been with the Aizinpomeri, you're not longer young to be married"
The Third Room is dedicated to the „Kaiserjäger“, the soldiers of the emperor who were stationed here when this strip of land, the Valsugana and the Lagorai, still wild as then, was Austrian land.

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Alpentor - Porta delle Alpi

  • Vicolo Valletta, 13 - 38050, Telve (TN)
  • 3703514250
  • alpentor.it

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